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Top Tips for For Imminent Escapes

Posted February 16, 2021 by seventyten

We’ve been holding back on our New Years message until we get some good news! 

We think we are nearly there with the announcement yesterday.  The Government have put together a Global Taskforce to build a roadmap to allow international travel by 17th May.   

Whilst we won’t get this report until 12th April, we feel 17th May is highly achievable. Infection rates are plummeting by up to 30% per week and 16 million people will have been vaccinated twice by then. 

As the worldwide vaccine development and implementation takes hold things will get better very quickly and the world will be desperate to get out.  

We appreciate there is still a certain level of uncertainty, though we don’t want this to hold you back on planning, thinking about or talking about your future travel plans. 

In many cases we are able to take bookings without the need for a deposit. We’ve seen a surge in enquiries over the last week, especially for the Summer and Autumn. 

It’s looking like the taskforce will work on introducing travel corridors again to countries deemed suitable.  We detail below some of our top tips. 

In the meantime, don’t let the doom and gloom stop you from planning something to look forward to. 

We are more than happy to talk to anyone about anything travel related, any time, with no obligation.   

Top Tips for Post Vaccine Escapes


Greece is fast becoming the hottest tip for European Travel this year, it’s infection rates are some of the lowest in Europe and the authorities are developing plans to make travel as free and easy as possible. Including some talks of vaccine passports.

Greece is well known and a favourite destination for Brits over the years. Whether it’s island hopping “Shirley Valentine” style, exploring the rich countryside (and beaches) of the Peloponnese, brushing up on your Classical Civilisation, living it up in Mykonos or hiding away in a secluded villa – Greece has something for everyone.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka opened its borders at the end of January for the first time since March last year.  They’ve devised a very well thought out system in conjunction with KPMG. With approved hotels, excursion sites with timed entrances and testing within the country through the hotels. 

To be honest, it’s a little restrictive, but it’s a sensible first step and most importantly will help get buy-in from the locals.  It’s been reported that these protocols will gradually ease over the next few months. 


Italy has done a magnificent job in keeping infections down since it’s initial nightmare early in the pandemic.  Italy enjoyed a strong late summer and autumn before being taken off the corridor list at the end of October. Their current infection rates are a fraction of what they are in the UK, so should be well placed for a corridor.

The beauty and culture of Italy needs no introduction and is familiar to all, so start dreaming of those beautiful hotels on the lakes, cities and coast or that stunning villa in Tuscany, Umbria or Puglia.


Kenya is certainly top of the list for the African countries.  Their case reporting has been well regarded, so has remained in the UK’s “good books”. Their vaccine roll out of 24 million doses is mobilising as we speak.

For the few lucky enough to travel to Africa 2020 was perhaps the best time to go on safari for 50 years, particularly in Kenya’s Masai Mara which has suffered from large numbers viewing the migration over the years.  2021 is set to be the second best year as the number of visitors will certainly be much lower than usual.

There are currently some excellent special offers.  


Cyprus has announced it will remove all testing and isolation requirements for visitors who have been vaccinated. Their current rates are some of the lowest in Europe, so it should be high on the list once travel corridors are reinstated.

Cyprus will be a great option from Spring through to late autumn. It will be a nice easy option for those traveling for the first time in the Covid world.   The hotels were open for the summer and autumn, so well acquainted to the Covid protocols.  There are many great resort style beach hotels, with exemplary service, facilities and warm weather.   Cyprus has been at the heart of civilisation for many centuries, with Romans, Crusaders and Venetians all leaving their mark.    The towns of Paphos and Larnaca have a nice mix of beaches, local life, restaurants and culture.   For those that want to get out and about and explore, inland there is a beautiful unspoilt rural landscape with charming traditional villages, olive and citrus groves.

The Seychelles

Though currently on the “Red List”, the Seychelles are full steam ahead on their vaccination programme with 40% already vaccinated, so we’re optimistic it will get the all clear by the summer.  The Seychelles were the first country to announce unrestricted entry for everyone who’s had both their vaccine doses.  

The Seychelles is more than just spectacular turquoise beaches (though there are a lot of these).   The archipelago has a diverse mix of cultural influences, mainly a mix of French, African and Indian.  Mahe is by far the most populated and developed island, with a somewhat cosmopolitan feel to it.  Praslin and La Digue have a smaller, more rural population, with some lovely communal beaches and small hotels and guesthouses.  Then there is an array of private island hotels, ranging from some of the world’s top island hotels like North Island and Fregate Island to more “barefoot” “Robinson Crusoe style”  Denis Island. 

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