Sustainable Travel


Sustainable Travel can also be termed “Ethical Travel” or “Responsible Travel”.  In simple terms “Sustainable Travel” or “Sustainable Tourism” is ensuring travel makes a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.  

We believe holidays should be a force for good not only for the places that you visit, but also for you and your children.  It should broaden your  horizons, educate, and allow you to connect with people from other cultures. 

Our aim is for as much money as possible to end up in the pockets of local people.  We mainly book directly with locally owned hotels and tour operators. 

We also believe travel can only be a force for good, if you can justify the Carbon Footprint – we would recommend a minimum of 14 nights away for long haul holidays and to limit to one long haul holiday per year. 

Over-Tourism is the opposite of Sustainable Tourism, this is where a resort or community does not have the capacity to sustain tourism at its current level without damaging the lives of the local people and its environment.   It’s very easy for a community to become a victim of its own success, as popularity rises it requires investment in infrastructure which is not often built into sustainability models.  The local community will also quickly become adversely affected, with increased housing costs, rent and a strain on public services as well as local conveniences making way for tourism businesses. 

We aim to help spread the load (and the good), by directing it’s clients to the hidden gems, away from the tourist trail.  Places that don’t have any over tourism problems and genuinely want the tourists.  This allows for a much better experience for the traveler on so many levels.  They are getting a more realistic view of the country they are visiting – not just a tourist attraction.  They get a warmer, more personal welcome from the locals as they’re genuinely pleased to see you.  Their money will also be going to places and families that really need it.  It may not be the place or site that everyone talks about or is all over social media, but do give bragging rights about pioneering a new type of travel.