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Aside from the Caprivi strip which is more akin to the wetlands of Botswana, Namibia is a country characterised by dramatic, dry desert landscapes which are home to a surprising amount of life, including desert adapted elephant and rhino. The Skeleton Coast is one of the most isolated places on earth, so there are just a few camps, most of which can only be accessed by plane. The semi desert of Damaraland has some of the most remarkable geological formations on earth. The land is littered with gigantic boulders which you would think provided inspiration for the Flintstones films! Namibia is probably most famous for desert sand dunes which are found in the Namib Desert in the southern part of the country, where you will find some of the most photographed (and spectacular) dunes in the world including Deadvlei, Dune 45 and Big Daddy. A massive bonus about Namibia is that it’s so easy for self driving, so in 10 days or so you can easily visit all the must see highlights.