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This is it! Welcome to the world of Seventy Ten Travel. We are so excited to finally be here, ready to talk holidays, flights, hotels…you name it! If you’ve read the “About Us” section of our website you’ll be savvy as to who we are, but we thought we’d delve a bit deeper for you. Here are Ed’s top 5 favourite countries (with a bit of background info too…)

South Africa

One of my first roles in travel was managing the South Africa department at Kirker, giving me the opportunity to travel across the country on many occasions. From the Kruger to the Kalahari, the Western Cape to Kwa Zulu Natal, this is a country that has it all – wildlife, culture, beaches, fine wine, superb cuisine and most importantly world class hotels and lodges. Everyone I have come across in South Africa, black and white, has been warm, friendly and welcoming. It’s a great to visit in February, when it’s doom and gloom here and summer there – and all with no jet lag and amazing value for money thanks to the favourable exchange rate.


With Portuguese family, I have been travelling to Portugal since I can remember and I love the relaxed nature of the Portuguese people, the seafood, the wine, the espresso and the nightlife. Sintra is perhaps one of the most charming towns in Europe and the drive down to the coast is simply stunning.


Thailand is such a fascinating country, I love the contrast between old and new in Bangkok, a city you can never tire of. Then of course there are the islands, many sadly now are overdeveloped and filled with rowdy backpackers, but if you travel a bit further you can get away from all of this and find some of the most spectacular sea scape’s imaginable, combine this with affordable yet luxurious accommodation, wonderful food and friendly people and you are on to a winner.


This is a country that has it all and every time I return it exceeds my expectations. You have the physical natural wonders of the Ngorongoro Crater, the living wonder of the great migrations in the Serengeti and the Tarangire. You have the beaches and undiscovered forest of Mahale, home to our closest relative the Chimpanzee. There is the raw and wild side of Africa in the Katavi and excellent walking in the Ruaha National Park. Then of course there are the beaches and marine life accessible from the mainland or the islands.


I can guarantee anyone who visits Vanuatu will fall under its spell and this will not be because of the spectacular beaches and scenery, it will be because of the people. This archipelago of 84 inhabited islands is one of the least accessible places in the world and its people live in blissful isolation. They are well educated, proud and protective of their culture making them not only the happiest people on earth but the most welcoming. Amongst other things, the country is famous for its spectacular volcanoes, cargo cults, nangol, kava and scuba diving all of which I love talking about.


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