Sustainable Travel

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With the rapidly increasing numbers of passengers travelling through airports and stations these days as well as heightened security procedures, the travel experience can be a tiring and a stressful one at the best of times. At Seventy Ten Travel, our aim is to give our clients as smooth a holiday experience as possible whether they are able-bodied, just needing an extra pair of hands or disabled.

Ed Coltart’s spinal cord injury in 2005 has enabled him to gain a unique personal insight into what is like to be a mobility impaired traveller. Ed has travelled extensively in Europe both before and after his injury and is able to guide his clients through the complexities of both travelling comfortably and choosing the right destination, the right hotel and the right room.

From navigating the seemingly endless corridors and walkways at airports to ensuring someone is at your arrival airport or station to meet you in a vehicle suitable to your needs, Ed thinks of everything. And then there is the hotel; it is the little things that make the difference here. Because the hotels have been inspected by us, Ed can tell you the number of steps from street level, whether the ground floor and public areas are step-free or the specifications of the adapted bedroom and bathroom. And believe us, one hotel’s idea of a wheelchair accessible room can be poles apart to another’s! And because Ed is a wheelchair user himself, he’s not afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked in order for us to get it right, every time.

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